4 Best Japanese Traditional Mochi Restaurant You Can Have In Tokyo


“Mochi (steamed rice cake)” is one of the food that is necessary in Japan. In nowadays, “Mochi” is known as one of the Japanese traditional food in all over the world. Moreover, it is known as special foods, and it is necessary to have it such occasion like  New Year events. Generally, there are two types of Mochi, one is “Tsukimochi”;  which is the steamed rice cake, crushed granular rice with pestle. Other one is  “Nerimochi”;  which is the steamed rice cake, and add hot water to cereal powder and knead it.

Most Japanese will have it Mochi fresh pounded and eat it with Kinako and red beans, or “Isobeyaki (spread the  sweet soy sauce onto the Mochi and baked it)”,”Oshiruko”, “Ozouni” and etc. Other than that there are various way to eat, such as we make it into dough, what we called is, "Dango."


This time, I would like to  introduce 4 best Mochi resturant.  Here I go!





“Gekkou” moved to  Uguisudani from Minowa, Arakawa-ku in 2017. In nowadays, we are hardly  to see pounded Mochi using one hands. Although,  if you come here, they are particular about the way to pound using one hands. Handmade will gave Mochi more smoothly  and extend more. Moreover, they received Mochi rice directly from the farmer, and they use sweet Mochi rice “Akarimochi”  from Goshogawara, Aomori. They  are also particular about tea. They use high quality Matcha from Kyoto, and deep steamed tea from Shizuoka. In addition, you can  feel how the shop master are particular about everything to offer the customers from the way to pour the green tea and tea pots what they use.

With such “Gekkou”, “Karamimochi” is the signature menu has been loved for more than 10  years. It is not sweet; to have with bitter radish and homemade noodle soup, that makes it  refresh favor. They also provides, original menu and ”Ozouni”, which is a bowl of soup with a lot of vegetables and Mochi, that is only limited on winter.


If you want to have old style traditional handmade Mochi, please come by to “Gekkou!”  


Detail: http://minowa-gekko.com/ 

・Karamimochi 580yen
・Inaka Ozouni 1080yen (November~End of March。Limited quantity・Finish soon as stock is out)

Note:Children under 6 years old are not allowed to enter

 Umezono Asakusa(Established in 1854)


“Umezono” is a long established restaurant that has set up a shop near Kaminarimon, Asakusa. Other than restaurant, they have confectionary stores; it is said that there are always have it in certain department stores,  and well known to people.  The signature menu is “Awa Zenzai.” It is simple but luxury dish. They cook glutinous millet(Mochikibi) half way and kneaded, to serve up with steamed mochi and cooked red bean paste in a bowl. If you heard of “Awa Zenzai”, everyone will think of  “Umezono”, and they are continue to protect the taste from the first generation.


Besides, “Awa Zenzai”, “Anmitsu” is also one of the popular item! It will not get tired of the taste and generous portion! It is suitable for souvenir to your friends and families!



・Awazenzai 720yen (Base price)
・Animitsu (for souvenir) 480yen (Base price)


Takemura Kanda In ”Tokyo Selected Historical Buildings”

DSC_0148”Takemura” has a store since its establishment in 1930 in Sudacho, Kanda. The wooden building is made with Irimoyadukuri, and it is the way how the East Asia traditional roof are made. It is also designated as one of the “Tokyo Selected Historical Building.” Moreover, it is known as the place where Mr.Shotaro Ikenami, the Japanese actor of “Onihei Hankacho” often stopped by, because of that reasons there are many Mr. Ikegami fans. It is also used as a model of one of the animation,”Love Life” the main character`s one`s parent home.

The popular menu you can have it here in “Takemura” is, “Chestnut  Awa Zenzai”, ”Inaka Shiruko" the sweets must have it and standard in winter,  and “Agemanju(fried mochi).” For “Chestnut Awa Zenzai”, on top of the chestnut there is lightly sweetened rich handmade red bean paste and steamed small beans.

If you come here, please try “Agemanju!” A lot of people will come here to buy this for souvenir. They will fried it after the orders! However, if you come here, I suggest you to have it immediately while it is hot! I assume you will be addicted to this taste!   


・Kuri Awazenzai 800yen(tax included)
・Agemanju 2 Pieces 470yen (tax included)
*To take the interior photo is not allowed. Only food photo accepted.



Shinkine Michikusa Mochi -Tokyo Solamachi Outlet-


”Shinkine” is a long established store since 1910. In 1947, the third generation used the charcoal stove and grilled the Mamedaifuku and provied to the customers, that made big hits! From than “Yaki Daifuku” become the signature of the menu. Later, they opened the limited shop in Tokyo Solamachi, ”Shinkine Michikusa Mochi Tokyo Solamachi Outlet.” This store signature is “Michikusa Mochi.” They named this in the meaning of “Please come to Michikusa Mochi, loiter (means Michikusa in Japanese)  on the way.”


(Top:Goheimochi / Bottom:Michikusa Mochi)

“Michikusa Mochi” is steamed with  Yomogi(Japanese mugwort) from South Shinshu, Nagano, small beans from Tokatsu, Hokkaido, and high quality granulated sugar. In addition, there are “Aburi Mochi”, which is the similar taste of Goheimochi and etc. When you feel tired of walking and feel little hungry, how about loitering at here?   




Michikusa Mochi 1 Piece 190yen〔tax included)

Aburi Moochi   1 Piece 150yen(tax included)


Did you find any specific  places that you were interested? I kindly like “Takemura” with the wooden building, and  I can feel the traditional of Japan and relax atmosphere. Probably,  the most reason is I also like Onihei Hankacho!


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