The Japan’s Professional Baseball Game is Hot! Follow us to the “Meiji Jingu Stadium” to Watch the Game!


Speaking of Tokyo baseball game, a lot of your friends will think first of “Tokyo Stadium.” However, “Meiji Jingu Stadium” is located in the hinterland of Meiji Shrine.The transport is convenient, there are many attractions and restaurants in the surrounding area, plus the atmosphere that is different from the indoor stadium is a very recommended baseball spot.



Let's me introduce the recommended spots on the way to Meiji Jingu Stadium!

The Meiji Jingu Stadium can be reached on foot from stations from Aoyama Itchome station, Gaienmae, Kokuritsu-kyogijo and Shinanomachi station. Itt may takes about 10 to 15 minutes, but it is worth a visit. On the way to there, I believe that this journey will definitely not make everyone feel too tired!

Please see the official site below for further information about “Meiji Jingu Stadium.”
Here is also a Tokyo Yakult Swallows home base stadium.

[URL] http://www.jingu-stadium.com/english/


Gingko Tree District


4 ginkgo trees are lined up on both sides for over 300 meters from Aoyama-Itchome. Every year from November to December, the whole boulevard is rendered golden, and the scenery is spectacular. Although, it is still not the season of Ginkgo trees, but the large shade of green makes you relieve the heat, there are also many cafes and shops on both sides. If there is plenty of time, it's nice to have a walk, have a cup of coffee, and a visit the stadium to watch the game!





Jingu Batting Dome


At here, you can play a virtual game with 10 professional baseball player, such as pitcher Yasuhiro Ogawa of the Yakult team, Tomoyuki Sugano of the Giant, Yusei Kikuchi of Seibu, and even Eijun Sawamura of the popular comic book,”Diamond no Ace”! You also can play with a popular pitchers who went to MLB, Daisuke Matsuzaka and Koji Uehara.

In addition, you can choose different speeds in accordance with your abilities. Enjoy with your friends, and may also challenge to see the actual combat with straight ball and junk ball!

[URL] http://www.meijijingugaien.jp/english/batting.html



Official Goods Shop of Tokyo Yakult Swallow: Tsubakurou


Since you want to watch the game, are you ready for cheering? Do you have team jersey, refueling items, towels and other peripheral products? This is one of the official store carry out official items, and always be crowded with fans for every match. If you want to make a good selection, I will suggests that you can go earlier.



Apart from the wealth of goods, the one of the biggest attractions is that there is a large-sized "Tsubakuro" stuffed animal in the store. Tsubakuro is the official mascot of the Yakult team. He loves to make fun of his sister, Tsubami, and the mascots of other teams. The cute, dark hearted personality is love and hate by people. It is quite popular in Japan!

The store welcomes everyone to take a photo with this big Tsubakuro stuffed animal. However, sometimes the store is crowded, a fans who want to selfie or take photos must need to pay attention not to interfere with other fans and store!



[URL] http://www.yakult-swallows.co.jp/en/


 After arriving at Meiji Jingu Stadium, take a look at the entertainment activities outside the stadium!

If you think that you just come here to enjoy the game, you're wrong! Around the stadium, there is a lot of activities to experience! Even if you don’t have time to watch the entire game, I will recommend you all just to come here.


A lot of food trucks!! Various of taste to choose!!


As long as there are helding baseball games, not only around the stadium, but also from the nearby stations to the stadium along the road, many shopkeepers can see stalls selling fried noodles, takoyaki, and fried chicken etc. For foreign tourists, it is a good opportunity to taste authentic Japanese food stalls!



Around the stadium, you can also see many of the limited foods introduced by the baseball team.For example, like Tsubakurou Obanyaki; a pancake with the filling, and there is a pattern of Tsubakurou. Also, the drinks and meals made by an image of the players, chicken nuggets, grilled beef tongue, grilled chicken skewers, and so on. A variety of attractive foods are overflowing! Definitely, it stimulate everyone's appetite!





Of course, there are many shops selling goods. In addition, to refueling items, lovely Tsubakurou cookies, candy, and other products are also suitable for presents to baseball fans!





May have opportunities to meet Tsubakurou or the baseball players!

Before the game, the“Passion”, which is the exclusive cheerleader team, will welcome everyone at the front gate and allow the fans to take photos freely. Tsubakurou or Tsubami, often appear together with the mascots of the opposite teams in the small open space next to them, so that everyone can see their cute and funny interactions at close quarters. It will absolutely make people laugh!



In addition, the players often practice around the court before the game, so it can be said that there is a very high possibility to see the players after the exercise. Some players are also very willing to stay and shake hands with the fans, signed or even photo. However, I still has to remind everyone that the most important thing is not to interfere with the players and other fans, be sure to pay attention to politeness!



The "unique experience" that can be enjoyed immediately after entering the game!


Normally, it is allowed to enter about 1.5 hours before the game starts, so you can use this time to go for eating, to shop or settle your personal belongings.


You can not miss the changes of the beautiful clouds!!

Although outdoor stadiums have disadvantages that are easily affected by the weather, they are relatively open, and especially when watching the evening games, the atmosphere of the sky and the stadium changes with daytime, sunset and night. You may want to capture every beautiful moment of the sky you see .





Indispensable Food & Drinks While Watching the Game

The game, the beautiful view, and if there is good alcohol and food, it will be happy again! There are many girls selling different kind of alcohol in the stadium, so that you can easily enjoy all kinds of drinks without going to the food court.



What?! The Support Tool Good for Yakult Team is Umbrella?!Let`s Shout Together!

Same as Taiwan, when the Japanese fans watch the game, they will also like to call out each player's name while knocking the object or sing with the music. Even if you are completely unfamiliar, it doesn't matter. As long as you follow the rhythm, move your body and clap your hands, you will be okay.

180425_0136 調整


In addition, when the Yakult team got a score, or before the attack of 7th inning, the fans will cheer holding up a small "Umbrella"! Why? It's very simple,”To show that there are many fans! “ This reason is dating back to history the time not many people came to see the game in 1950s. The various umbrellas representing the color of Yakult's multi-teams.They hold up and down together with support song called,"Tokyo Ondo." I believe that even if you are not a fan, you will feel very spectacular and full of excitement.



Limited Only in Summer!! Nice Collaboration with “Baseball Game x Firework”

In Japan, the firework is one of the event that you can not miss in Summer! Every Summer, Yakult Team holds,”Night of the Shrine.” After the 5th round of the game, they will launch about 300 fireworks, allowing all fans to enjoy the game while splendid fireworks. Especially, for foreign travelers, it will definitely be a rare experience!
※This year is from July 20, 2018~September 2, 2018. Total of 24 games.



※"Jingu Firework Nighter” is slightly different each year during the event. It is very interesting with friends. Please pay more attention to the latest news on the official website!

[URL] http://www.yakult-swallows.co.jp/en/

・Jingu Stadium Official Website

・Tokyo Yakult Swallows Official Website


The fans must visit the recommended restaurants before or after the game!

Although, there are many attractive dishes in and around the stadium. If you want to have a good meal before or after the game, I will introduce a perfect selected restaurants for you al! The restaurants also broadcast the games on that day, at here, you can have fun cheering the team and communicate with other fans while watching the game.


Ramen Izakaya Enya/Nakano

To “Enya”, it will takes about 5~6 minutes walk from Nakano station, south exit. The owner, Mr Okayasu has been supporting the Yakult team for about 40 years because of his father’s influence during his childhood. In order to allow the fans to have a party together with other Yakult fans, he opened this restaurant in 2017.



Including the bar counter, there is a total of about 26 seats, although space is not big, but simple and bright interior makes people feel like you are in a ramen shop.



What will surprise the fans the most is he used team jerseys, posters, signatures, and other merchandise goods to decorate the restaurant. There was a common memory among the fans, and the staff would be very enthusiastic to talk with everyone!







"Enya" is mainly served ramen during lunch time. From the selected menu, I recommend this salty Yuzu ramen noodle. Chicken fillets are used instead of traditional pork Chashu. The clear soup are more condensed from the sweetness of the ingredients. After, they add the sweet and bitter Yuzu skin to enjoy the bitter taste refreshing taste, it is non-greasy, even ladies can enjoy a ramen with no burden.



For those who like strong flavors, you may wish to try the miso ramen! It is a miso paste that have twisted Japanese pepper, and the taste how it changes are absolutely unforgettable!



In the evening, it will be turn into an "Ramen izakaya restaurant.” There is TV in the restaurant, and will be broadcast on the days when the Yakult team has a game, so that fans can watch the game while having a dinner. "Enya" also providing a limited,”Enya Cheering Courses” with free flow drinks.



Looking at the autograph on the wall, you will know that many players also visit here to “Enya” one after another. If you are lucky, you may have the chance to meet them!



Shop Detail: Ramen Izakaya Enya
[Operation Hours] Lunch: 11:00~15:00(LO 14:30), Dinner: 17:00~24:00(LO 23:00, Drink & Ramen LO 23:30)
[Holiday] Every Monday during the season (subject to the official announcement)
[Address] 1F Nakano Star Plaza Building, 2-30-14 Nakano Nakano-ku, Tokyo
[Tel] 03-6454-1284
[Access] 6 min walk grom “Nakano Station”, South exit
[URL] https://www.facebook.com/enya.soichi

Today, I have mainly introduced the charms of watching the game at the "Meiji Jingu Stadium." I don't know if you are impulsive or want to feel the atmosphere in Japan immediately. However, the Japan's baseball season will continue until September every year.

It is not too late to start planning a trip to Tokyo. I hope everyone will have a pleasant and special experience watching the game!

大家好,我是fumi,我是台灣人。現在住在日本神奈川縣。 學生時代因為接觸到日本的動漫與流行音樂後,開始對「日本」這個國家產生了興趣,而在大學畢業後也終於如願地第一次到東京旅行。在那之後,每年的日本旅行便成為我努力工作最大的原動力!除了到各個景點觀光以外,我現在也很喜歡在日本參加演唱會、或是去球場幫支持的棒球隊加油等,這些能與他人一起同樂的各種體驗活動。希望透過我的文章,能讓大家更喜歡、也更了解日本的魅力所在。
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