Itinerary Suggestions For 4D3N In Tokyo


Do you have plan what you will do in Mid Autumn festival?
I am an overseas student studying in Japan. I always go out and discover the new things when I am free. We will have four-day holidays in Mid-autumn festival this year. Let’s get around in Tokyo!

Day 1 (9/15  Thursday)

Night: SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observatory

Travelers who travel in Tokyo, they definately miss the Tokyo night view. There are many spots to enjoy Tokyo night view, such as Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and Tokyo Tower. Today, I am going to introduce an new popular spot, "SKY CIRCUS", is  located on 60th floor of Sunshine 60 building.

The “experience-based” observatory was reopen on April this year. The virtual reality attractions in the SKY CIRCUS simulate flying experience. The visitors can enjoy Tokyo Night View, but also experience flying and touch the sky.

SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observatory :


Dinner: Koshitsu Sengoku Buyuden Shinjuku

Koshitsu Sengoku Buyuden Shinjuku is a samurai themed restaurant. It is a good way to experience authentic Japanese culture while enjoying your meal. When you entered the restaurant, you will discover that there are four dummies of Yukimura Sanada, Masamune Date, Keiji Maeda  and Kenshin Uesugi. They are well-known people in Japanese history. The dummies are wearing eye-catching Sengoku period armors. Koshitsu Sengoku Buyuden Shinjuku is located near the Shinjuku JR stations so it is easy to access. The restaurant also provides English and Chinese menu.


Koshitsu Sengoku Buyuden Shinjuku:


Day 2 (9/16 Friday)

10 am. : Tokyo Daijingu Shrine   

As we know that there are many shrines in Japan, today I am going to introduce one of the most popular shrines in Tokyo named Tokyo Daijingu Shrine. Tokyo Daijinggu Shrine is the most powerful shrines for love. People who want to pray for their love should never miss this shrine. You can also buy the cute charm for love to wish for successful relationship.

Tokyo Daijingu Shrine:

12 pm : Tokyo Skytree/ Pokemon Center (Tokyo Skytree)

Tokyo Skytree is recognized as the tallest observatory in Japan, and the height of the Tokyo Skytree is 634m. Visitors can enjoy the Tokyo view on Tembo Galleria (450m). You can able to see Mt. Fuji when the weather is nice. What is more, the new Pokemon Center is now open in Tokyo Skytree. People who loves Pokemon can never miss this fantastic store!


Tokyo Skytree:

Pokemon Center (Tokyo Skytree):

3 pm: Sumida Aquarium ( Edo goldfish wonderland exhibition)

Sumida Aquarium is located in Skytree. The visitors can touch and feel the ocean animals, such as penguins and sea lions. What is more, The “Edo goldfish wonderland exhibition” , the biggest goldfish exhibition in Japan, will held be from 1/7 to 30/9. Visitors can enjoy the goldfish exhibition and Edo-themed summer festival there!

Sumida Aquarium:


5:30 pm: Water Bus Tour

After that, travelers can take water bus from Asakusa to Odaiba. You can enjoy the view when you take the water bus. The spaceship-shaped boat looks very special and innovative. There are snacks and drinks selling on the boat. Visitors can enjoy their drinks and view at the same time.


Water Bus Tour:


5:30 pm: Odaiba Seaside Park 

Lets move to Odaiba Seaside Park around 6 p.m. There are shopping mall and restaurant in Odaiba, and I am going to introduce several popular restaurants here.

1. Monsoon Cafe 



Monsoon Cafe is the place where the customers can enjoy all kinds of ethnic dishes. The ingredients are carefully selected from Japan, all the menus are healthy and fresh. Fresh spring rolls and fried shrimp toast are the recommended dishes you should try! Although, the standard menus Tom yum, oriental potatoes, and Thai basil chicken is also the popular dishes that it is well go with beer. As they made Thai basil chicken with oxygen brown rice, and always search to provide good ingredients, we can tell that the staff always cares about the customers and provides healthy foods. Other than appetizers and main dishes, please try the sweets and original cocktails, along with special coriander menus that attract the coriander fans!!!  Please enjoy the view of rainbow bridge with the Indonesian resort atmosphere!


2.Zest Cantina 



Zest Cantina is a western-film-themed restaurant. They have a unique interior and atmosphere, which is motif of the cave, that the customers feels like you just had time traveled. It is a place that can have healthy mexican foods. In this Odaiba outlet, there are a lot of couples and families came here to enjoy the dishes. The buffalo wings is the most popular dish that the customers can choose from 2 different sauce;  there is entertainment that staff will come to the table, and finish up the dishes. Hand made fajitas, oven cheese nachos, tacos, and cobb salad is also one of the popular dishes that customers always ordered. If you are vegetarian, please free to ask the staff for vegetarian dishes. Please try sangria, mojitos, different taste of frozen margaritas with your meal. If you come with group, how about trying Punch Drunker, which is made with vodka and fresh fruits. You also can`t miss the desserts you only can have it here, cinammon apple chimichanga, and our recommend, mexican spice coffee brulee!!! It is a must-visit for the people who love meat because this restaurant is famous for its meal cuisine!


Zest Cantina :


Day 3 (9/17 Saturday)

10:30 am : Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden

Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden is a Japanese garden built in Edo period. You can enjoy the traditional Japanese garden art here, such as stone bridge and sandy beach. It is recommended to wear yukata and walk in this garden to experience traditional Japanese culture.


Kyu Shiba Rikyu Garden:

Yukawa rental: 花ごよみ

*Customer can rent Yukata at the store.

1:00 pm:Autumn Festival in Hikawa Shrine

Autumn Festival in Hikawa Shrine is one of the biggest autumn festival in Tokyo. Different traditional Japanese show will be held in the festival. People who love traditional Japanese culture should visit Hikawa Shrine to enjoy! There are lot of food stalls selling traditional Japanese food like takoyaki and yakisoba. It is absolutely a food paradise for foodies!

Autumn Festival in Hikawa Shrine:


6:30 pm : Tokyo Bay Nouryousen (Boat Party)

Tokyo bay Nouryousen is one of the biggest boat summer party in Tokyo. The participants can enjoy the night view and music party. Participants can wear yukata, and  dance and meet new friends in this boat party. Dinner is also provided on the boat.

Tokyo bay Nouryousen:

Day 4  -Last Day-(18/9 Sunday) 

Tokyo Station (Yaesu Shopping Mall/ Tokyo Ramen Street) 



Yaesu Shopping Mall is definitely a good place for shopping. There are different shops in the shopping mall, such as boutique, souvenir shop, and etc. I am sure that you can find what you want it here!

When we talk about Tokyo Station, we cannot miss Tokyo Ramen Street. There are many ramen shops in the street. You must visit if you are  ramen lovers!


Palet D’or to chocoholics


At last, I am going to introduce a famous chocolate shop named Palet D’or to chocoholics. It is a cafe that you can enjoy the drink like champagne with chocolate with elegant atmosphere. Their No. 1 item is chocolate drink. The selling point is that it looks like a coke but it is a chocolate drink. Chocoholics should never miss this shop

Palet D’or:
Have a nice trip in Japan! Cheers!

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I am Michelle, a HongKonger. I enjoy new experience like going hiking in different countries and learning traditional Japanese cultures including Sado and Kabuki. Being an Organizational Communication graduate, I love to explore the world and capture it through my lens. My passion is to travel and realize my ideas through photography.
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