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Spring has come! Best 3 Spring Limited Recommended Matcha Sweets 2018


If you think of Spring, I think many people think of it as "Cherry Blossom", but Spring is also a season of new tea, “Shincha." We also called, “Shincha”, "the first tea”, and it is a tea made by picking up a growing sprout around May. Compared to “Second tea” and “Third tea”, it is characterized by less astringency, refreshing taste and have fragrance. For that reason, Japan sell sweets using Matcha or Japanese tea not only cherry blossom sweets. This time, I would like to introduce 3 Spring-limited sweets using Matcha, which is also popular among foreigners!


Lindt: Lindt White Chocolate Dark Matcha Ice Drink


Lindt is a chocolate manufacturer company founded in Zurich, Switzerland in 1845. Besides popular Lindor, the seasonal ice drinks are also popular. What I want to introduce this time is "Lindt White Chocolate Dark Matcha Ice Drink”, which appears every season of New Tea seasons. This year, they offer using matcha more than twice as much as usual! The sweet white chocolate and bitter Matcha is well harmorized, and it has become a excellent taste.




In Lindt Ginza store, it is only available in eat-in glass. Other shops except Ginza store, they handover with a plastic take out cup ※Same as Jiyugaoka Store cafe space, they provide in eat-in glass on 2nd floor, but do take out on 1st floor.




For those who love Matcha, the bitter taste of deep Matcha and Lindt 's white chocolate should be a habit!


Lindt White Chocolate Dark Matcha Ice Drink

Sales Period:Apirl 2, 2018 (Mon)~Mat 31, 2018 (Thurs) ※Until the stock is last
Where:Lindt Chocolat Cafe
Shop Detail URL:
Price:Ginza Store Eat-in Glass  1,388yen(Tax included)
Other shops except Ginza: Take out cup 772 yen (Tax included)
※The Jiyugaoka store Cafe space is eat-in glass

Eggs 'n Things Harajuku: Fragrant,  Uji Matcha Pancake


1803_harajuku_Renewal (3)© Eggs 'n Things


Next, I want to introduced is one of the pancake shop from Honolulu, Hawaii. It is a pancake shop founded in 1974 at Ena Rd and Kalakaua Rd. At that time, the shop was small, it despite being in an inconspicuous place, but it was always full of local families. Nowadays, it is popular among tourists, after they opened a first shop in Harajuku, the Eggs 'n Things sparked the pancake boom in Japan.


harajukunaikan© Eggs 'n Things

Product that I would like to introduce from such 'Eggs Things' are "Fragrant, Uji Matcha Pancake" limited at store of Shijo, Kyoto. This pancake, it will be sold exclusively at all domestic stores for limited time due to popularity from many people.


1803_京都四条_香る宇治抹茶パンケーキ_2© Eggs 'n Things

The pancake made it with plenty of Uji matcha custard and matcha cheese using carefully selected Matcha looks so delicious! They served with red  beans, white ball mochi, and sand Monaka matcha ice cream. This item can only be eaten here in Japan! Please try a pancake that collaborated with Japanese, “Wa”!  You surely like it!


Eggs 'n Things Harajuku: Fragrant,  Uji Matcha Pancake

Sales Period:March 27, 2018 (Tue)~Apirl 26, 2018 (Thurs)
Where:Eggs 'n Things Domestic Stores
Shop Detail URL:

Lawson: Uji Matcha Pure Cream Daifuku


At last, is a sweet that can buy easily at convenience store, “Lawson Uji Matcha Pure Cream Daifuku.” This product is using Tsujiri, Kyoto matcha for matcha paste, and add pure cream in the middle of the mochi. It is finished to an exquisite balance with bitter matcha taste!






Sales Period:February 13,  2018 ※Until the stock is last
Price:140 yen (tax included)

There are also many cherry blossom sweets in spring, and you can see many items of Matcha can be served throughout the year, so maybe not many people feel much appealing to Matcha, but there is something that we can taste only this time of spring like what we introduced. There are limited sweets which can only be eaten now! Please taste it when you come to Japan!


Hi Everyone! Happy to see you all through this website! =) Are you enjoying our column and Tokyo information so far? I luv to travel abroad and going to new places and enlarge my horizon! I also luv to listen to music, and I am learning Chinese in this moment! What I like about Japan is the four seasons is very clear. Furthermore, the more you will know about Japan, I think you may discover more interesting things and how different each prefectures are. While Tokyo has new trend things, but in another hands, you can see old shopping street and town like Asakusa. I assume that everytime you come to Tokyo you can find and experience new things!!
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