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“Laser Trap Attraction” Let`s Become a SPY and Clear the Given Mission!!



Immediately from the main entrance of Takeshita-dori of Harajuku station, the new attraction “Laser Trap Attraction” was opened. At here, you can see and experience the security system,"Laser Trap" which is the system to protect jewelries and art works you see in SPY and adventure movies. This time, we want to introduce you all what kind of place is “Laser Trap Attraction” is and how to enjoy the game!


First, before you go and enjoy the game, let`s check your clothes!

・Are you wearing comfortable clothes?
・Are you not wearing clothes that will easily spread out like skirt?

The game needs to crouch down and straddling not to touch the lasers. We suggest you to wear comfortable clothes. If you are ready than let`s go!


We landed at Harajuku! The “Laser Trap Attraction” is on the 3rd floor of this building.

Let`s go straight to the reception for details!

First, please choose which plan you want to play. There are 2 plans: Standard and Mission Plans. For Standard Plan, there are 4 levels to choose:  Beginner, Intermediate, Higher class levels and Challenging mode. It will be about 1.5~2min per game. The content of this game is the challenger needs to aim for 4 button in the back without not touching the lasers in time.  As higher the level goes, the number of lasers are different. If you think it seems hard, please try it from the beginner level.  Instead, if you are considering maybe beginner level is easy, but thinking whether better try the other level, I suggest you to choose "Any 3 times." For this one, you can challenge any levels 3 times. The "Challenging mode", which will come out soon is more harder than the high class level. For those who already clear the high class level,  than maybe you can choose this ”Challenging Mode.” If you clear the game can get a prize!


The”Mission Plan”, which can play with maximum of 6 people, it is a game with story expansion and need to  clear the mission they are given in 30 min.  The challengers can be intend to be a  SPY like one of the main character in the movie, and need to steal the diamond in museum by solving the problems etc. and escape in time.


After you chose the plan . . . This is how the each plan game goes!

For Standard Plan

Number participate (1~2 people) and choose your levels (from 4 levels)
②Go into the laser room and start a game!
③Aim for 4 button in the back without not touching the lasers in time.
For 1 play, please touch 4 buttons in order!
For 2 play is 2, please touch the 2 buttons in the same time.
④After you finish, please leave the room and check your score from the monitor!

For Mission Plan

①Number participate(Maximum 6 people can join)!  Beginner is also welcome!

Go into the laser room and start a game!
③To steal the diamond that  is placed in the center of the room, please cooperate with everyone and solve the mysteries while avoiding the lasers. There are 2 types of lasers. One is red laser that appears most of the time and everytime you touch the laser you will lose 10 sec.  The green laser will not lose the time, but you need to pass it without touching it. Please be careful!!
④Need to solve the mysteries while avoiding the lasers to escape too!!
If you did not solve the game in time, it is also possible to extend the time every 15 min, so please utilize if you want to clear the game.
After you finish, please leave the room and check your score from the monitor!
The reservation is only accepted for ”Mission Plan” (below 6 people) and it will be little cheaper if you book it online. If you would like to reserve for more than 6 people, please call or email directly to the shop and they will correspond you over by phone.

Moreover, the foreigners can enjoy without language barrier, so you do not need to worry.  Please put it on your list,  if you feel you want to try experience this once!                                        

Laser Trap Attraction

Operation Hours:10:00~22:00 pm (From 20:00 pm will be only accept reservation. Please note that when there are no reservation on that day, it might closed early than usual time)

・Address:151-0001  3F Prime Harajuku, 1-19-9 Jingu-mae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
・Tel: 03-6885-8417

Please drop an email in case we can not pick up your phone due to crowdedness



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