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Enjoy your time with different animals – Lovely Animal Cafe in Asakusa!


Different from Zoo, Animal Cafe is a great place to relax and play with different cute animals. “Cat Flower Garden” in Taipei is the world’s 1st cat cafe since 1998. Today, I am going to introduce several popular and lovely animal cafes in Asakusa. Let’s go!

  1. Tori no Iru Cafe Asakusa

Tori no lru Cafe in Asakusa is a bird cafe housing different types of birds including 30 owls and rare birds.  Customers can interact with owls. You let them to stand on your hands and take photos. It should be a fantastic and unforgettable experience for you !


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There is a parrot room in the cafe housing about 100 birds. You can also let them to stand on your hands and take photos. You can also buy some bird snacks(100 yen) and feed them. Tori no lru Cafe is a paradise for bird lovers! The staff will give you a protective poncho before entering the parrot room. People who want to play and take photos with birds should visit the cafe!


Fees: 1500 yen for an hour (extension fees: 300yen/15mins, trial fees: 1000yen for 30mins)

Please visit their official website for more details.

  1. With Bunny Asakusa

When people visit animal cafe, they may want to know more their habits. People who want to know more about rabbits and interact with them should visit With Bunny Cafe in Asakusa. With Bunny Cafe is an educational cafe with a gallery of rabbits which tells the rabbit habits. In this cafe, customers can play with rabbits and learn at the same time.

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Customer can rent a private themed room to play with these cute bunnies. There are 6 different unique themed rooms in the cafe.


With Bunny Cafe is a popular animal cafe in Tokyo. It should be a fantastic place for rabbit lovers! Let’s enjoy your time with these lovely bunnies!


Basic Fee: 1500yen

Bunnies Fee: from 2000yen

Private Room: 4000 yen for an hour (one drink is included)

Please visit their official website for more details.

  1.  Calaugh Cafe

Calaugh Cafe is a cat cafe in Asakusa housing about 11 cats. Comparing to the cafes mentioned above, Calaugh Cafe provides a wide range of food and beverages. The atmosphere of the cafe is chic and relaxing which is highly recommended to male customers. Free Wi-fi, manga and cell phone battery charger are also available. The most eye-catching point of the cafe is that they house the cats who are homeless because of the Tōhoku earthquake. The cafe is not just an animal cafe for entertainment, but is a home for these homeless cats. The bar is open from 6p.m. to 10p.m. Customers can enjoy their drinks and play with the cats here!


Lunch Time (11a.m. to 6p.m)

At least order one drink per person (Drink: from 700 yen, Food: from 800yen)

No charge is needed for the first hour. If you stay more than an hour,  extension fee is charged. (250yen/15mins)

Package: 2000 yen (for 3 hours and drinks are included)

Bar Time (6p.m. to 10p.m.)

At least order one drink per person. Extra service charge is needed (500yen / table)

Please visit their official website for more details.

Do you interested in the cafes mentioned above? Animal lovers who visit Asakusa should never miss these recommended cafes!

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