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What Is Hoppy?


When you visit Izakaya bar you may see many mid-age people wearing suits and drinking hoppy.
Hoppy was invented during the period when beer was too expensive, it is a mixer more of beer flavoured drink.
It has less purine and more vitamins, it is more healthier. There are black and white hoppies, and this is well know amongst Japanese.
However, right now, there are less younger generations who have actually tasted this drink. Two reason may be that the beer is not so expensive anymore, and younger generations are not too concerned about the health when drinking.

I can be categorised as the younger generation; I am also the beginner of the hoppy, so I have decided to endeavour for the first hoppy tasting session to let you know what it is like to drink hoppy.

I came to Asakusa, where it is the famous tourist spot where you can discover traditional Japan through Kaminari mon gate, Kamise dori and Sensoji temple. There is a street lined with bars where we can try hoppy.

Please go through Nakamise dori, and turn left. As I walked through the shopping street with matching exteriors, there was a hoppy street on the right.


Here, I feel something slightly different from Sensoji Temple and Nakamise Dori. It is old but not the same oldness of Japan.
The customers in the bars seem very happy and enjoying themselves, and I felt I wanted to join them quickly.

Amongst many bars, the one I chose to go is called,"Suzuyoshi." From what I can gather, this bar is also famous for Motsu pot.


As soon as I entered the bar, I order the white hoppy and Motsu pot.



My first impression? Hmm, not quite sure what to say...

I was distracted by the preconceived opinion of hoppy to be the beer flavoured drink, and I found myself comparing with beer.

Let try by removing the connection with beer... The taste is more smooth and fresh.
It is probably be more popular for people who is not too keen on sweet flavoured cocktails.

My friend told me it is sweet, but that is most likely be the opinion from comparing with the beer.

Next, let try black hoppy.



This is definitely sweet, if I compare to white hoppy, it has less impression of freshness.
From my personal opinion, at first I prefer the white hoppy.
While I was drinking hoppy in one hand, and listening to the noises of hoppy street, I began feeling the atmosphere of Japanese-ness.
Last order came, as I was feeling nostalgic and tourists were discovering exoticness.

Many bars in hoppy street close early. Suzuyoshi was not an exception. The last order was at 21:30 and closing time was 22:00, still I had plenty of time to the last train.

After I discovered the new drink, as I was feeling happy, I picked a fortune telling at Sensoji temple. Do you want to know what was written? The worst…


I think I’m going to build my good deeds by recommending hoppy to many people who don’t know about it.
If you are in Tokyo, please try hoppy.
It is a made in Japan, like Nihon-shu (sake) and Shochu. It will create a new story to tell your friends and families after travelling.

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