Magic Spice Shimokitazawa

Magic Spice is the first established restaurant of soup curry. The exterior of this restaurant is very unique, and if you stepped in, you can experience the mysterious atmosphere. Soup curry was established in Hokkaido, Japan. If you heard soup curry for first time, maybe you can not imagine what is it like. Moreover, if you ask,"What is soup curry?", I only can say is soup but curry, and it is hard to explain. I feel that only the person who tried this can understand the taste! At this restaurant, there are 10 different flavors of soup curry, and you can add the spice from 7 different stages:Awakening,Meditation, Ecstasy, Nirvana, Paradise, Raputa, and Aumair (spicy). It is very unique naming that we can understand the playfulness of the owner. Other than the spice, you can create your original taste and curry by adding 30 different toppings you can choose it from. Not only just to dine here, the staff always want the customers to satisfied that they want them to feel this place is enjoyable and fun place to visit. Definitely, you will enjoy this unique atmosphere, and I feel all the stress from work will go away. If you meet the owner, there is special menu named,”Kimagure Curry”, it only appears when the owner comes to the restaurant! If you meet him, please try this menu too!!!

Address 155-0031
1F Golf Building, 1-40-15 Kitazawa Seatagaya-ku Tokyo
Tel 03-5454-8801
Open [Mon~Fri]11:30~15:00/ 17:30~23:00 [Weekend&PH]11:30~23:00" Holiday: Tues・Wed

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Detailed information

Address 155-0031 1F Golf Building, 1-40-15 Kitazawa Seatagaya-ku Tokyo
Tel 03-5454-8801
Access 6 min walk from Odakyu Line・Inogashira Line: Shimokitazawa South Exit
Open [Mon~Fri]11:30~15:00/ 17:30~23:00 [Weekend&PH]11:30~23:00" Holiday: Tues・Wed
Fee 1000-2000yen
Wi-Fi NO
Credit card Accepted (also Ginren)
Note No vegetarian menu/ Have English menu


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