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It is Not a Dream to Go Abroad Using First Class? First Airline is the Place Where You can make your Dream Come true!!


If you could go abroad by riding the first class or business class, which country would you like to go to? However, most people think that it is hard to reach to ride the first class or  business class because of the price. What will you do if you could go to US or Europe etc. in cheap price using  first class or business class? You think that there is no such airplane like that don`t you? There it is! There is a international terminal in Ikebukuro, and its name is "FIRST AIRLINES"!!




This is the travel experience spot where attention can be gained by using VR technology! The "FIRST AIRLINES" flies 2 times a day, the destination is depends on the day of the week, and operates to 4 countries. Which is France, Hawaii, Italy and New York!


This is the boarding area! The stewardess will welcome you at the entrance.




In this airline, there are 8 seats in the first class and 4 seats  in the business class. The seats using in the first-class is a seats actually used in the Airbus 310 and 340.




After boarding and ready for a take off,  the stewardess will give you a instruction about safety guard. The ceiling changes and can view the airport by projection mapping. It feels like really on an airplane because the seat also have a vibration.




After a while, you can see the scenery of the destination city you are going to with a 360 degree VR experience. A famous sightseeing spots can be seen, and it really feel like you are there. You may feel so high and excited. It is too difficult to explain it in to words, and this fun may not be communicated unless you experience it!





Besides that, there is broadcasting video with the local people etc.



The  VR experience is about 10 minutes. After, they serve drink and meal to your seat.
※ Except the flight to Hawaii, it can also choose fish for your meal at the time of booking.





All the course dishes are made by top-natched chef! Please enjoy the full course of that country!

What is the menu?

The menu might will change, but now they are serving "Chicken Furicasse" for France, "Sarutinbokka" for  Italy , the specialty Manhattan clam chowder for New York, and poke and garlic shrimp for flight to Hawaii ( February 2018). You can enjoy the signature dishes from different country depends on your flight.




※ This photo is the  menu they served previously in  Paris flight. Since the menu may be suddenly changes in some cases, please see the URL for latest menu information →


The course dishes, one service drink, and the drink after the meal are all included in the ticket.
When you want to order other drinks and side menu, it will be an additional charge. Thank you!



 After the meal,  it is ready for landing!




In the projection mapping, the night view is reflected on the ceiling for landing. I assume that you can experience the feeling of getting on a real airplane from the take off,  until landing to the destination.  If you have the opportunity, please enjoy your journey at “First Airline”!


From here, you can see the service introduction movie →



Please be aware before boarding


Children under the age of 13, the staff will handling monocular equipment at the time of "VR TRIP" experience, but they also hand over the compound eye equipment if there is consent of the guardian. In addition, we recommend that you refrain from experiencing "VR TRIP" if you are pregnant, elderly, those with a disorder in the mind and body, those who are more likely to get intoxicated by the vehicle, or who are in poor physical condition.




How to get to Ikebukuro International Airport 

[Operation Hours] Weekdays:17:30〜23:00  Weekends and Holidays:12:30〜23:00
Reservation is required from URL below:

※The date and time of reservation can be change 7 days before the reservation date. Please note that the cancellation will not be required.

[Contact us]
[Address] 8F, Park Heim West Building,  3-31-5  Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku  Tokyo, 171-0021
[Access]  5 min walk from JR Yamanote Line “Ikebukuro station”
※1 min walk from ”Ikebukuro station”  C3 exit. Please go straight up the Rikkyo street and you will find the way.

Hi Everyone! Happy to see you all through this website! =) Are you enjoying our column and Tokyo information so far? I luv to travel abroad and going to new places and enlarge my horizon! I also luv to listen to music, and I am learning Chinese in this moment! What I like about Japan is the four seasons is very clear. Furthermore, the more you will know about Japan, I think you may discover more interesting things and how different each prefectures are. While Tokyo has new trend things, but in another hands, you can see old shopping street and town like Asakusa. I assume that everytime you come to Tokyo you can find and experience new things!!
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